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Gas Vapors Smoke


Versatile Compact wireless monitor for up to four gases

QRAE 3_26
QRAE 3 is a versatile, rugged, one- to four-sensor pumped or diffusion gas monitor that provides continuous exposure monitoring of oxygen (O2), combustibles, and toxic gases, including hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrogen cyanide (HCN) for workers and responders in hazardous environments. The QRAE 3’s wireless communications capability enables access to real-time instrument readings and alarm status (including man-down alarm) from any location for better visibility and faster response. Real-time hazard readings can also be communicated to the ProRAE Guardian Safety System and the EchoView Host Mini-Controller Closed-Loop Wireless System for safety-enhancing wireless monitoring. Features and Benefits: • Real-time gas detector readings and alarm status enabled by state of the art wireless technology • Unmistakable five-way local and remote wireless notification of alarm conditions • Intuitive simple-to-operate two-button user interface • Strong, protective, concussion-proof design • IP-65/67 water- and dust-resistant case Application: • CBRNE • Clandestine Labs • Confined Space Entry • Emergency Response • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Exploration • Fire Overhaul • Leak Detection • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around • Residential Calls • Urban Search & Rescue • Worker Exposure
  • Sub-Category : Multi-Gas
  • Brand : RAE
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QRAE 3 User's Guide - Wireless Personal Four-Gas Monitors
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QRAE 3 QuickStart Guide
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Guide To Atmospheric Testing In Confined Spaces
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Confined Spaces And The Construction Industry
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Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Detection For Fire Department Engine Companies
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Toxic Twins (HCN & CO) In Fire Overhaul
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CO Sensor Cross Sensitivity And Removal With A Charcoal Filter
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Special Diagnostic Modes For RAE Systems Instruments
899.6 KB
Upgrading Firmware On RAE Systems Instruments
820.7 KB
Handling LEL Sensor Poisons
802.3 KB
Electrochemical Sensor Replacement & Maintenance
976.3 KB
Intrinsic Safety And Hazardous Locations
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Lithium-Ion Batteries
926.72 KB
SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte) Oxygen Sensor
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