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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Honeywell BA1000 and ER7000

Honeywell BA1000 and ER7000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

Honeywell BA1000 and ER7000_1
Honeywell BA1000 and ER7000Self-Contained Breathing ApparatusPUTTING THE BASIC SCBA BACK WITHIN BUDGETIndustrial jobs that put the worker in potentially oxygen-deficient or hazardous environments – like confined space or tunnel work – oftentimes require an SCBA unit to be on hand for emergency escape or to clean up a hazmat spill. Because use is occasional, and only needed if an emergency arises, workers need an SCBA that is easy and intuitive to don and use.Over the years, features required by NFPA and frequent SCBA users have trickled down to basic industrial SCBAs, making them more complex and expensive than the average worker using a unit no more than a few times year would need.That’s why Honeywell has taken the compliance SCBA back to the basics with two similar, but distinct units: the BA1000 and the ER7000.BOTH CERTIFIED FOR ENTRY, USE, AND ESCAPEUnits are intended for escape from atmospheres that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH), but can also be used for both entry and use in those same environments.BA1000 This unit is the most basic version, and has 30- and 60- minute rated cylinders. With minimal features, the BA1000 is one of the most simple and easy-to-use compliance SCBAs. Using the unit is as easy as putting it on and going in – or getting out.ER7000 This unit is almost identical to the BA1000, with one additional feature. The ER7000 has a “Y” connection where the facepiece or hood connects to the cylinder, allowing the user to “leap frog” to a fresh cylinder – without losing or interrupting the air supply. This feature is great for long tunnels, where the wearer will need air for a longer time span than the rated duration of each individual cylinder
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