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Powered Air Purifying Resp. (PAPR)

Honeywell North® Primair™ PA800 Series Welding Helmet

Honeywell North® Primair™ PA800 Series Welding Helmet

Honeywell North® Primair™ PA800 Series Welding Helmet_1
Hazards can spark from everywhere when you’re welding, and to stay protected you need a welding PAPR solution that enables you to focus on your work, not your equipment. That’s why Honeywell North offers a new, ultralight welding helmet featuring an auto-darkening filter with a brighter resting light shade than currently available – a new standard in light transmission. Its ergonomic design enables you to shift seamlessly from welding to grinding without ever having to adjust the helmet, therefore improving worker safety and increasing productivity. Also, the PA800 Welding Helmet works harmoniously with the PA700 PAPR blower, keeping you cool and comfortable while you work – all day, every day.Features & Benefits: Brighter light shade
  • The auto-darkening filter has a light state of 2.5, the lightest in the industry. Ergonomic design
  • External controls enables quick transition from welding to grinding, even with gloves on. The suspension, helmet and air-duct can all be adjusted to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • At just 24 oz. (~1.5 lb.), the PA800 is one of the lighter auto-darkening helmets on the market – minimizing head and neck strain and reducing risk of fatigue or injury. Cooling comfort
  • An integrated and adjustable air-duct connects easily toto the PA700 PAPR system, to help keep workers cool, comfortable and productive.
  • Filtration Type : HE
  • Facepiece Size : Universal
  • Face Shield Type : PA810 welding helmet
  • Battery Run Time : 8 hours
  • Charging Time : 4.5 hours
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