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Powered Air Purifying Resp. (PAPR)

Honeywell North PR500 Series Front Mount PAPR

Honeywell North PR500 Series Front Mount PAPR

Honeywell North PR500 Series Front Mount PAPR_1
The Honeywell North PR500 Series is the redesigned Sperian Opti-Fit Convertible Face-Mounted PAPR, which has been re-engineered and approved for use with the Honeywell North RU6500 tight fitting full facepiece. Using the nozzle adapter that is included with the Honeywell North PR500 Series, the PAPR blower assembly mounts directly to the center port of the RU6500.Features & Benefits:
  • Front mount capability provides an alternate option for users who may prefer the comfort of not having the PAPR blower on their belt.
  • Allows users the flexibility of converting from APR to PAPR in three different mask sizes.
  • Ideal for users who need only High Efficiency Particulate (HEPA) protection.
  • Lightweight unit will not slow worker efficiency.
  • Water-resistant battery pack is contoured for better fit.
  • Assembly includes: RU6500 Facepiece with 5-point headstrap, battery, blower, battery charge.
  • Battery Type : Nickel Cadmium
  • Strap Style : 5-Point Headstrap
  • Includes : RU6500 Facepiece with 5-Point Headstrap | Battery | Blower | Battery Charger
  • Facepiece Size : Small | Medium | Large
  • Filtration Type : HEPA
  • Face Shield Type : Honeywell North RU6500
Honeywell North® Large Half Mask
Honeywell North® Medium Half Mask
Honeywell North® Small Half Mask
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