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Disposable Respirators

Honeywell Safety Pack

Personal Protection Kit

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The Honeywell Safety Pack provides easy access to PPE for airline passengers and crew flying around the globe. This kit comes in an easy-to-open pouch to increase flyer confidence and personal safety while traveling. Each resealable bag has the option to be custom branded, and has the potential to contain a surgical mask, nonlatex gloves, hand sanitizing wipes, optional earplugs and more.FEATURES & BENEFITSPotential contents include:1. Disposable-Surgical mask-Non-latex gloves-Hand sanitizing wipes/gel-Earplugs (optional)2. Disposable with N95-N95 mask-Non-latex gloves-Hand sanitizing wipes/gel3. Reusable-Modular mask-Non-latex gloves-Hand sanitizing wipes/gel-Goggles
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