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Air Purifying Respirator (APR)

RU6500 Full Facepiece

RU6500 Full Facepiece

RU6500 Full Facepiece_1
Comfort for your workers - and your budget. The North RU6500 silicone full facepiece provides all day comfort at a great price.Features & Benefits:
  • Silicone seal provides excellent facepiece seal, creating a barrier against contaminants.
  • Silicone nose cup is soft and comfortable for all day wear.
  • Polycarbonate lens with wide field of vision maximized peripheral visions plus downward view; meets ANSI Z 87 for high impact.
  • Wide viewing area provides distortion free visibility and optical clarity.
  • 5-point strap option includes center strap to help position and hold the mask for a more secure fit; offers quick, easy adjustments.
  • Industrial mesh headnet option provides another choice for user comfort preference; can be used under hard hat.
  • Threaded cartridge connector secures cartridges and filters to avoid accidental disconnections.
  • Can be adapted to side mount CF-SAR, front mount CF-SAR, side mount PAPR and front mount PAPR eliminating the need to fit test workers on several respirators.
  • Facepiece Size : Small | Medium | Large
  • Facepiece Material : Silicone
  • Lens Material : Polycarbonate
  • Nose Cup Size : Standard
  • Connection Type : Threaded
  • Strap Style : 5-Point Headstrap | Mesh Headnet
  • Cartridge Type : N-Series
File size
RU6500 Full Facepiece; size small; mesh headnet
RU6500 Full Facepiece, size small, 5 Pt. head harness
RU6500 Full Facepiece; size medium; mesh headnet
RU6500 Full Face Mask - size medium - 5 Pt. head harness
RU6500 Full Facepiece; size large; mesh headnet
RU6500 Full Facepiece, size large, 5 Pt. head harness
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