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Protection That Flows From Heel to Toe

When working in highly challenging environments, your feet are exposed to several hazards, such as falling and flying objects, punctures, cuts, electrical, slips and trips, or extreme weather.

Honeywell’s ultimate footwear line of products is created to protect against all risks and offer even more.

Designed to mimic the foot’s natural movement, every safety boot and shoe combines innovation, comfort and safety, and is equally effective both indoors and outdoors.

By allowing a natural walking motion, Honeywell’s Safety boots are comfortable to wear all day long. Moreover, they have a flexible construction combined with optimum resistance to repeated flexing, a breathable lining, provide high breathability, shock absorption and excellent fit. The unique ergonomic wave concept which underlies the design of every Honeywell safety boot enables protection that flows from heel to toes.

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