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First Responder Gear

Morning Pride® VIPER - Proximity Gear


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VIPER Proximity Gear is designed to provide added protection from high levels of radiant heat associated with flammable liquid fires. Its unique ergonomic design combines the advanced VIPER fit, maximized protection, comfort and mobility. Features and Benefits Available Coat and Pant Closure Systems (all paired with hook and loop) • Zipper under flap • Hooks and dees inside flap Certification – NFPA 1971 PART OF THE MORNING PRIDE SERIES Options Popular Coat Options • Thermal Enhancement Option – VIPER’s unique TES™ (Thermal Enhancement System) design dramatically increases TPP (thermal protective performance) with no significant impact on THL (total heat loss). TES™ consists of a layer of Nomex® mesh on the upper torso and arms – all areas typically exposed to compression and the highest thermal load. • Wristlets with Breathable Waterwell • Soft Drag Rescue Device • Leather or Arashield Coat Reinforced Cuffs • Padded Elbows and Shoulders • Radio Pockets • Microphone Loop • Full or Semi-bellows Pockets • Divider Pockets • Hand Warmer Pockets Popular Pant Options • V-blade Rescue Knife Pocket • A customized pocket specifically designed for a V-blade rescue knife for extrication from safety harness or seat belt. It is conveniently located on the upper leg and features a widereach hook & loop opening, making it easily accessible. • Leather or Arashield Reinforced Pant Cuffs • Full or Semi-bellows Pockets • Suspenders with Quick-release • Reverse Boot Cut
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