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Life Grip™ Ladder and Escape Belt

Life Grip™ Ladder/ Escape Belt

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The Life Grip™ Ladder/ Escape Belt redefines versatility, comfort and performance beyond anything ever conceived before. The pant adaptation is exactly like the Spider Harness™, Patriot Harness™ pant minus the leg loop pass through slots. In fact, the Life Grip™ Belt can be worn on a Spider Harness™ or Patriot Harness™ adapted pants.• Built-in Two-inch IncrementsFor even waist sizes 28-inch and above• Fully functional and certified as an Escape Belt or Ladder Belt when used with tether• Two load bearing sliding D-ringsFor bailout system pre-connect• Optional Tether allows the product to be used as a certified Ladder Belt systemStows at waist for use with Ladder Hook/Carabiner (ladder hooks and carabiners not Honeywell products)• Tether + Ladder Hook 23" total reach• All hardware is drop forged, plated for corrosion resistance and 100% proof load testedCertifications:UL classified to NFPA 1983, current editionComponents UL classified to NFPA 1971, current editionOptions:Optional Tether to use as a certified Ladder Belt system
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