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Noise Monitoring Headsets

VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution (VSHS)

Monitor, analyze and detect hazards. Prevent Hearing Loss Before It Happens.

VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution (VSHS)_1
IDENTIFY RISKS. MONITOR. PREVENT HEARING LOSS BEFORE IT HAPPENS.Monitor, analyze, and detect hazards before hearing loss appears. Upgrade your safety program with VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution (VSHS).THREE STEPS TO HEARING CONSERVATION.Combining cloud-based software and connected, protective headsets, VSHS monitors noise levels in real-time, helping you identify risks before they become a health issue or a significant business cost. There are three complementary components which make up the VSHS solution: 1) Safety Suite Web Portal, 2) VeriShield Mobile App, 3) VeriShield 300 Series Headsets.Headsets are available in three styles : over-the-ear headband, and hard hat attached and in-ear, to allow you to choose the device best suits your needs.A simple subscription service will allow you to benefit from all the components of the solution.Learn more
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