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Fit Testing

VeriPRO Fit-Testing System

A Personal Approach to Hearing Conservation.

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VeriPRO makes it easy to get an accurate, real-world picture of your employees’ hearing protection. Find out whether your employees are receiving optimal protection, require additional training on how to fit their ear plugs, or need to try a different model. By verifying ear plug effectiveness and providing an ideal opportunity for education, VeriPRO becomes an integral part of a successful Hearing Conservation Program.

Experience VeriPRO's Capabilities

VeriPRO at a Glance
VeriPRO’s three-part process checks the effectiveness of an employee’s earplug fit in each ear over a range of frequencies. This information is then captured in individual reports, accessible by the safety manager.

The software for VeriPRO was created to be simple to install on a PC and readily understandable. The interface is straightforward and easy to operate, even for people who aren’t computer users.

The VeriPRO headphones are not your typical listening gear. They are audiometrically optimized for use with any earplugs and calibrated to the tones used in the VeriPRO test.

Audio Processor
Converts digital signal from the VeriPRO software, calibrates it to the headphones and amplifies the sound.

Features & Benefits:
  • Measures the Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) for each employee
  • Works with any ear plug, corded or uncorded, from any manufacturer
  • Fulfills regulatory requirements to ensure proper initial fitting of hearing protection
  • Documents training and proper fit for new or existing employees
  • Provides an ideal opportunity for one-on-one education
Honeywell Howard Leight VeriPRO® Fit Testing System
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