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Welding Filters Plates and Lenses

Welding Filters, Plates and Lenses

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Fibre-Metal provides a full selection of welding filters, safety and cover plates and lenses for our welding helmetsand goggles. Our HIGH PERFORMANCE line includes a topquality plate or lens for virtually every metal fabricating application.All products are produced to the highest standards with rigid qualitycontrol to enhance a fabricators view of the job for maximumproductivity while providing protection in accordance with ANSIZ87.1 requirements. To get the most from a Fibre-Metal weldinghelmet or goggle, equip it with HIGH PERFORMANCE filter,safety and cover plates or lenses.Features & Benefits:GLASS FILTERS Precision cut to true size for a better fit. Optically correct with consistent shading throughout the plate or lens for welder protection and comfort.POLYCARBONATE FILTERS About 1/3 the weight of a comparable glass filter, and many times more impact resistant, polycarbonate filters are the choice of high production welders.GOLD PLATED FILTERS All the advantages of a polycarbonate filter, with the benefit of a gold coating which reflects up to 99% of infrared light, reducing the temperature inside the helmet. A cooler, more comfortable welder will stay on the job longer and produce more.POLYCARBONATE SAFETY PLATE Injection molded, optically correct, lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate plate provides an extra margin of protection.CR39 COVERSTop quality cover plates contain a higher percentage of CR39 material than any other brand including those that claim to be “100% CR39″. Higher quality provides better protection and a longer service life for expensive filter plates.POLYCARBONATE WELDING MAGNIFIERS (CHEATERS)Injection-molded in one piece from a special optical grade polycarbonate, reduces eye fatigue and irritation because it is optically correct. It is the only magnifier on the market designed for an optimum 12″ working distance from the weld instead of the usual 6″ distance. Silicone hardcoating protects the surface from scratches and scuffs.
  • For Use With : Welding Helmets; Goggles
Fibre-Metal® High performance Safety Plate measuring 4 1/2" X 5 1/4" is made from impact resistant polycarbonate that offers added margin of protection. Safety plate with injection molding is optically correct and features lightweight design.
Fibre-Metal® P242 Clear Plastic Outside Cover Plate contains a higher percentage of CR-39 material than any other brand including those that claim to be 100% CR-39. The cover plate protects expensive filters.
Filter Plate Heat Treated Glass 4 1/2 '' X 5 1/4'' Shades 5,8-13
Filter Plate Heat Treated Glass 4 1/2 '' X 5 1/4'' Shades 5,8-13
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