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Helmets & Hoods

Extended or Short Term Protection

Extended or Short Term Protection

Extended or Short Term Protection_1
Leather Welding Hoods:
  • Top Quality, tough, flexible chrome leather hoods for welding protection in hard to get to areas where there is no room for standard helmets.
  • Lift-front glassholder.
  • Screened ventilation ports.
Inspectors’ Handshields:
  • Folding shields offer convenience and protection for welding inspectors, engineers, foremen and others who observe arc welding for short periods of time.
  • Formed from quality leather.
  • Folds to fit in pocket.
Honeywell Fibre Metal® 870 Red Leather Vented Lift Front Welding Hood With 2" X 4 1/4" Shade 10 Lens
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