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Uvex® Fog Eliminator Plus Cloths

Uvex® Fog Eliminator Plus Cloths

Uvex® Fog Eliminator Plus Cloths_1
Uvex® Fog Eliminator Plus now delivers 8 hours of anti-fog protection based on an extreme environment effectiveness (EEE) test at 122°F and 80% humidity for one hour. When applied, it’s one of the longest lasting AF performance products in the market. Fog Eliminator Plus Cloth and Gel on AF coating represents a minimum ~60X extension of the fog free time vs. AF coating alone!*Just a 10-second wipe bans fog caused by heat, cold, humidity, exertion or sudden temperature changes. The result is reliable, all-day protection from fog of any kind.* In laboratory tests# under extreme conditions (≥40C (104F) and ≥80%RH)Features and benefits:
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