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North Nitri-Box™ Nitrile

North Nitri-Box™ Nitrile

North Nitri-Box™ Nitrile_1
Feature & Benefits:
  • One piece design is more convenient and safer than nitrile glove-and-sleeve assemblies
  • Proprietary North nitrile formulation offers a great combination of chemical resistance, mechanical protection and wearer comfort
  • No other glovebox gloves offer greater wearer comfort than Nitri-Box.
  • They are light in weight (up to 30% lighter than comparable gloves) and have a unique, soft and flexible feel.
  • Compatible with alcohol cleaning practices and will not degrade or become slippery.
  • Textured grip provides safer grip of both wet and dry objects.
  • Inherently anti-static — surface resistance is 1011 Ω/sq providing safer working where electro-static build-up is a concern.
Nitrile Green 23 27 8 Sleeve
Nitrile Green 23 27 10 Sleeve
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