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ToxiRAE Pro Family

A full range of wireless personal single-gas monitors

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Streamline your plant-wide deployment with a family of instruments that offer similar user interface, calibration and maintenance routines, and accessories for easy interoperability for users, and cost savings on training. The ToxiRAE Pro family is the industry’s first and largest family of wireless, personal single-gas monitors that can reliably and accurately monitor a full range of common toxic industrial chemicals (TICs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), combustible gases, carbon dioxide (CO2), and Oxygen (O2). When combined with ProRAE Guardian software, safety managers can easily view data in real time on all ToxiRAE Pro instruments, anytime, anywhere. Features and Benefits: • Easy to maintain and calibrate • Anytime, anywhere access to real-time instrument reading and alarm status with ProRAE Guardian Software or EchoView Portable Controller • Five-way alarm notification — man down, and 4 instrument alarms • Rugged, IP-54 (PID) and IP-65 (EC, LEL, and CO2) protection rating • Compact and lightweight • 3 months of continuous data logging • Field-replaceable battery, filter, sensor, and PID fan • Fully automated calibration with AutoRAE2 Application: • CBRNE • Clandestine Labs • Emergency Response • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Exploration • Fire Overhaul • Fracking • Hazmat Response • Leak Detection • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around • Residential Calls • Urban Search & Rescue • Worker Exposure
  • Sub-Category : Single-Gas
  • Brand : RAE
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ToxiRAE Pro LEL QuickStart Guide
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RAE Systems PID Training Outline
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Measuring Ammonia (NH3) With Photoionization Detectors
655.57 KB
PIDs As HazMat Response Tools
1.26 MB
Measuring Heat Transfer Fluids With A PID
831.71 KB
PIDs For Continuous Monitoring Of VOCs
826.32 KB
Using PIDs For Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Surveys
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Measurement Of Fumigants In The Food Storage Industry
901.23 KB
Using PIDs To Assess Exposure Risk In Unknown Environments
964.69 KB
Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Detection For Fire Department Engine Companies
1.17 MB
Measurement Of PGMEA Using Photoionization Detectors
750.69 KB
Measuring PID Correction Factors For Volatile Compounds With RAE Systems Instruments
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Special Diagnostic Modes For RAE Systems Instruments
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Formaldehyde (HCHO) Sensor In RAE Systems Instruments
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Setting Alarm Limits For Mixtures
788.84 KB
Handling LEL Sensor Poisons
802.3 KB
Turning On UV Lamps In A PID Monitor
787.56 KB
Effects Of Operating Conditions On Oxygen Sensors
839.29 KB
Moisture Exchange Tubes For Humidity Control Of Test Gases
1.08 MB
Intrinsic Safety And Hazardous Locations
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Combating Drift In Portable And Fixed PIDs
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Worker on a ladder with fall protection safety equipment on
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