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MultiRAE Benzene

Wireless Portable Multi-Gas Monitor With Benzene-Specific Measurement

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The MultiRAE Benzene monitor combines the ability to make quick benzene-specific assessment (“snapshot”) measurements with the advantages of a versatile multi-gas monitor that can support approximately 20 intelligent interchangeable sensor options. Its optional wireless capability improves safety by providing real-time access to instrument readings and alarm status from any location, which delivers better situational awareness and faster incident response in a wide range of different applications. Features and Benefits: • Optional integrated wireless • Snapshot Benzene specific measurement capability • 20 field-interchangeable sensor options, including PID, LEL, and exotics like ammonia, chlorine, and formaldehyde • Five local and remote alarms, including man down • Dust-tight and waterproof (IP65-rated) • Rugged design • Long battery run-time • Intuitive, icon-driven interface • Flippable screen • Large buttons for easy navigation even with up to three glove layers • Continuous data logging — six months for five sensors 24/7 • Fully automated bump testing and calibration with AutoRAE 2 • Device Management with Honeywell Sotera™ Express Application: • Confined Space Entry • Exploration • Fracking • Leak Detection • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
  • Sub-Category : Premium-Gas
  • Brand : RAE
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MultiRAE (Pumped) QuickStart Guide
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RAE Systems PID Training Outline
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The ABC’s Of Gases In The Industry
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Guide To Atmospheric Testing In Confined Spaces
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Gas Detection In The Marine Industries
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Confined Spaces And The Construction Industry
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Using PIDs For 10% Of LEL Decisions
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Using PIDs To Assess Exposure Risk In Unknown Environments
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AreaRAE Inert for Inert Gas Confined Space Entry
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Wireless Mesh Gas Detection For Oil And Gas Exploration
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Monitoring Benzene and Choosing an Appropriate Monitor for Personal Protection and Compliance with Exposure Limits
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Measuring PID Correction Factors For Volatile Compounds With RAE Systems Instruments
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CO Sensor Cross Sensitivity And Removal With A Charcoal Filter
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PID Lamp Characteristics
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Handling LEL Sensor Poisons
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Turning On UV Lamps In A PID Monitor
787.56 KB
Electrochemical Sensor Replacement & Maintenance
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Effects Of Operating Conditions On Oxygen Sensors
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