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MiniRAE Lite +

Handheld VOC monitor

MiniRAE Lite +_42
This affordable hand-held monitor for VOCs provides superior reliability for leak detection and environmental cleanup and remediation. With a photoionization detector that measures from 0-5,000 ppm, a built-in flashlight, and a rugged housing designed for harsh environments, it’s perfect for a range of applications and approved for safe area use in North America. The pump draws samples from up to 100 feet away, and with a 3-second response time, the MiniRAE Lite + can detect a leak before it can cause harm. This device supports more than 10 languages, and includes a large display and large keys that can be operated with up to three layers of gloves. MiniRAE Lite+ can also be solution oriented through its optional BLE module and dedicated mobile APP has been developed for survey applications. Features and Benefits: • Portable handheld VOC monitor • PID measures from 0-5,000 ppm • 3-second response time • Humidity compensation • Built-in flashlight • Rugged housing for harsh environments • Simple maintenance • Multi-language capability – up to 10 languages • 10.6 lamps for TVOC • Logs up to 6 months of data at 1-minute intervals • Optional BLE moduel Application: • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Leak Detection
  • Sub-Category : Premium-Gas
  • Brand : RAE
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RAE Systems PID Training Outline
1.1 MB
Measuring Ammonia (NH3) With Photoionization Detectors
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Environmental Applications For PIDs
836.32 KB
Using PIDs To Assess Exposure Risk In Unknown Environments
964.69 KB
Using RAE Systems PIDs For Measuring Soil Headspace And In Soil Vapor Extractions
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Measuring PID Correction Factors For Volatile Compounds With RAE Systems Instruments
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Compliance of RAE Systems PIDs with EPA Method
790.8 KB
PID Lamp Characteristics
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The Effect Of Extension Tubing Volume And Vacuum On Sample Flow For RAE Systems Instruments
911.35 KB
Conversion Of PID Readings To Methane Equivalent Or Hexane Equivalent FID Response
950.56 KB
Combating Drift In Portable And Fixed PIDs
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Lithium-Ion Batteries
926.72 KB
USB To Serial Port Adapter
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Humidity Filtering II Tube For PID Measurements In Humid Environments
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