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MeshGuard EC

Wireless gas detector with six-month continuous runtime for hazardous environments

MeshGuard EC_19
Remotely monitor toxic gases using the most advanced gas detection technology and connected data systems. The wirelessly connected mesh-radio based MeshGuard EC is a core component of the MeshGuard network of connected sensors. MeshGuard EC is rugged, reliable, and designed for rapid deployment. It runs for up to six months on a single battery and provides continuous detection and measurement of potential threats even in hazardous work environments such as oil and gas rigs, industrial sites, and refineries. The MeshGuard EC intelligently finds the best available path to establish a self-forming, self-healing wireless network and delivers all sensor and alarm data to the RAE Systems controller of your choice. The device also displays the information on the large, back-lit LCD screen and has integrated audible and visual alarms. The MeshGuard EC is intrinsically safe, IP-65 rated weather resistant, and certified for the most hazardous, Class 1, Division 1 or Zone environments. Application: • Exploration • Fracking • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around
  • Sub-Category : Transportable
  • Brand : RAE
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MeshGuard Network Deployment Guide Network Configurations Using The FMC2000 Controller & MeshGuards
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Wireless Mesh Gas Detection For Oil And Gas Exploration
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Special Diagnostic Modes For RAE Systems Instruments
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Effects Of Operating Conditions On Oxygen Sensors
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Moisture Exchange Tubes For Humidity Control Of Test Gases
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Intrinsic Safety And Hazardous Locations
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Basics of Wireless Security
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MeshGuard Hazardous-Area Certifications
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