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FSL100 Flame Detectors

FSL100 Flame Detectors

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Honeywell’s FSL100 range of Light Industrial/Commercial Flame Detectors enables simple coverage of fire hazard areas across many fire hazard applications. Installation, set-up and operation are simple. Wide solid area coverage and fast speed of response omtimize safety. With inbuilt automatic test and test lamps available to cover all models, reliability is ensured. Product Overview: The newest Optoelectronic flame detector for a wide range of Light Industrial fire detection from Honeywell Analytics. A range of middle market Optical Flame Detectors joining the HA FSX High End products. Addresses a wide range of fire protection applications both indoors and outdoors. With 3 versions to cover a wide range of flaming fires: Ultraviolet (UV), Ultraviolet/Infrared (UV/IR) and Triple Infrared (IR3). Detects wide range of Hydrocarbon & Non-Hydrocarbon fires Detecting a wide range of Hydrocarbon and Non-Hydrocarbon flaming fires means that many application areas can be addressed. Wide viewing angle Optical detection of radiant energy in a solid angle Field of View enables coverage of a large risk area. Simple optional mounting bracket allows the FSL100 to be installed and aligned covering the hazard. Fast response Far faster than other technologies, by responding to flaming fires in seconds enabling a more rapid response to danger before the fire can escalate. FM Class1, 2 & 3 Div2 Can be installed indoors or outdoors and in Hazardous areas typically looking into a Div 1 area from a distance. FM 3260 performance cert Certified to FM 3260 for flame Detector performance. Relay and current output (Fault and Alarm) Analog stepped output and Alarm/Fault relays for simple connectivity. Inbuilt Automatic Test and Simple to use Test Lamps FSL100 maintains continuous internal health monitoring. Test lamps enable simple operational and Field of View testing. Features & Benefits: • UV, UV/IR and IR3 Flame Detectors to cover a wide range of applications • Robust, simple to install & set-up; Wide angle and fast speed of response • Automatic test and test lamps for simple check and maintenance. Quick Specs: • FSL100 Flame Detectors - UV, UV/IR and IR3 for light industrial applications • GRP Housing, available in Red or White with optional swivel mount • 12-14Vdc, 25mA nominal operation • 4 to 20mA and Relay outputs. Fire and Gas Consultancy Services
  • Brand : Honeywell
  • Sub-Category : Flame Detectors
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