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Vertex Multi-Point Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Vertex Multi-Point Toxic Gas Monitoring System

Vertex Multi-Point Toxic Gas Monitoring System_8
Combines the most advanced Chemcassette®, software and optics technologies into a flexible, reliable monitoring system with up to 72 points of gas detection. Product Overview: Up to 72 points of continuous gas detection. Vertex combines the most advanced Chemcassette, software and optics technologies into a flexible, easy-to-use, and reliable gas monitoring system. Flexible Start your Vertex™ System with as little as eight points. As your monitoring needs change, Vertex™ expands, offering you up to 72 points of continuous gas detection. Place your sampling points up to 400 feet (120 meters) from the system. There is a choice of universal analyser modules and/or pyrolyzer analyzers. Reliable Vertex™ offers powerful, built-in system redundancy as standard equipment to effectively safeguard against downtime. • Back-up pump and internal power module • Chemcassette® technology provides physical evidence of gas event • System data back-up. If main data acquisition PC fails, analyzers continue to monitor, log data and alarm • Drip resistant cap for system protection from overhead leaks • Automated leak test with line integrity option Additional Features and Benefits: Easy to use • Touch screen for easy access to data • Software updates via CD-ROM or network to all system components • Configuration profile editing and data retrieval are all achievable without taking unit offline • Radio frequency identification tag (RFID) ensures Chemcassettes are installed into appropriately programmed analyzer, eliminating human error • On-line help system Security • Multiple levels of password protection • Reconfigure security setup without taking unit offline Low cost of ownership • Vertex’s™ smaller footprint and greater density of points reduce your cost per point • Eight points per analyser lowers Chemcassette® costs • Maximized 72 point systems provide low cost per point as compared to other continuous monitors • One system monitors up to nine gas families and more than 40 gases • You can split your sample to more than one analyzer Easy to maintain • Vertex™ uses cost-effective XP Chemcassettes®, providing up to three months of continuous monitoring • Simplified replacement of Chemcassettes® and automated optics verification • No dynamic calibration required • No flow balancing • Easy access to analyzers, pumps, power supplies and touch screen from front panel • Onscreen interactive electronic manual with integral video Advanced communications • Built-in configurable PLCs with optional 176 relay contacts • Standard OPC interface for easy integration into your existing factory automation system or HMI • Optional Ethernet/CIP, LonWorks®, DeviceNetTM, DF1 Interface, Profibus, Modbus Plus, Modbus/TCP, ControlNet, or isolated 4-20mA outputs available • Optional Chemcam camera permits viewing of stain, locally or remotely, for proof of gas event. Image is electronically saved for future retrieval. • Optional remote control/viewing software enables total visualization of the monitor screens at a remote PC. Features & Benefits: • Touch screen for easy data access • Low cost of ownership with Chemcassettes • One systems monitors up to 9 gas families/more than 40 gases
  • Sub-Category : Chemcassette Analyzers
  • Brand : Honeywell
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