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Vertical Systems

Miller VR500 Fall Arrester for GlideLoc System

The latest generation of guided-type fall arresters provides greater safety and more comfortable climbing from improved design.

Miller VR500 Fall Arrester for GlideLoc System_1
Highest safety
  • Quick arrest by allowing the catch nose to fully engage with mounting holes
  • For inspection before use; there is a visual fall indicator to reveal whether the shock absorber has been deployed
  • Locking pin prevents inserting the shuttle in the wrong direction
 Unmatched comfort
  • Optimized performance for smooth and uninterrupted sliding performance on all Miller GlideLoc systems
  • Ergonomic; Compact and lightweight design for ease of handling.
  • Big and "easy-to-grip" carabiner for ease of opening and closing when wearing gloves
  • Carabiner with swivel connection to allow freedom of movement and rotation in all directions
 Robust and durable
  • Long lifetime with stainless steel shock absorber and internal parts together with high performance polymer wheels
  • Housing fully covers the shock absorber to protect against accidental impact; extending the life of the fall arrester and reducing the need for maintenance
  • Tri-lock carabiner to withstand up to 6744 lbs with the gate up to 3600 lbs
 Universal applicable
  • Certified for workers weighing 88 lbs to 310 lbs
  • Works with forward and sideway inclined ladders and rails at angles up to 15°
  • Tested for rails operating at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 122°F
 Safety standards
  • Certified according to OSHA 1910.29; ANSI 14.3 – 2008 and EN 353-1:2014+A1:2017
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Miller VR500 Fall Arrester for GlideLoc System
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