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StopFall™ Fall Restraint Device

StopFall™ Fall Restraint Device

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The Miller StopFall Fall Restraint Device is the only wood pole product of its type, being designed to easily and naturally climb [hitchhike] wood poles in a position that’s both comfortable and ergonomically accepted.Automatic Spring loaded Cinching Feature Miller Exclusive:Keeps the unit in constant contact around the pole.One Handed Adjustment:Makes worker training quick, easy and safe.Features & Benefits:
  • Zippered Spring Cover - Allows for convenient 100% inspection and easy access to clean the spring components
  • Attached Gaff Pullers - Easy to grasp design, even when wearing heavy-duty lineman’s gloves
  • Compact, Heavy-Duty Strap – Keeps worker closer to pole to facilitate arm's length work
  • Accommodates wood poles ranging from 20-in. to 60-in. circumference
  • Unique gaffs provide excellent stopping power on dry, wet or icy poles Additional Climbing Equipment:
  • Adjustable Rope Lanyard - Miller Adjustable Rope Lanyard designed for work positioning while transitioning around obstacles.
  • Retractable Web Lanyard - Designed for limited-range applications, the Miller Retractable Web Lanyard is lightweight and dependable.
  • Adjustable Safety Straps - Miller brand safety straps are equipped with locking snap hooks and are constructed with a red inner core/wear indicator.
  • Linemen's Belts - Designed with four D-rings to facilitate the use of a Rope Lanyard, Safety Strap or Retractable Web Lanyard to transition around obstacles.
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