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Rescue & Descent

Miller Universal Rescue System (Series 70)

Miller Universal Rescue System (Series 70)

Miller Universal Rescue System (Series 70)_1
The Miller Universal Rescue System (Series 70) is a lightweight, compact, versatile access and retrieval rope system.Easy To UseSimple, one-person operation, the rope control handle allows the user to easily ascend and descend the rope line.Added SafetyShould an emergency rescue situation occur, a top-side worker may activate the system to retrieve the user.Features & Benefits:
  • Aluminum head assembly with roller pulley and anti-reversing lock
  • Kernmantle rope with a tensile strength of 5600 lbs.(25kN)and high-temperature resistance to 360°F (182°C)
  • Rope control handle with friction locking device and with permanently attached Manyard™ shock-absorbing lanyard
  • Two carabiners
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Ideal for: refineries, grain elevators, subways, fire departments, breweries, chairlifts, window washing, confined spaces, shipbuilding, transmission towers, power plants, offshore drilling and bridge inspection
  • A secondary fall arrest system is recommended
  • Kit Includes : Kernmantle Rope | Two Carabiners
  • Material : Aluminum
ANSI Z359-2007 Compliant - 50' working length
ANSI Z359-2007 Compliant - 25' working length
ANSI Z359-2007 Compliant - 125' working length
ANSI Z359-2007 Compliant - 100' working length
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