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Miller Welding Products

Miller Welding Products

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FALL PROTECTION FOR WELDING ENVIRONMENTSFall protection products designed to meet the challenges of welding environments. Available in Lightweight/Comfort and Heavy-Duty Harness models, Miller welding products also include a variety of connecting devices and anchorage connectors.Lightweight/Comfort Welder HarnessA complete line of lightweight, comfort welder harnesses features blue, flame-retardant Nomex® webbing to protect against weld splatter. The special inner Kevlar® core adds strength and high-temperature resistance. Contrasting webbing colors make inspection easier.Heavy-Duty Welder HarnessDesigned with rugged black Kevlar® webbing to withstand harsh welding environments. Meets ASTM F887 Arc Test requirements and are rated for arc exposure. All models feature quick-connect buckles on the chest strap for easy/fast donning.Features & Benefits:
  • Rated to 400 lbs. (181.4 kg) capacity when using a SofStop shock absorber (940K)
  • Harness Style : Welding
6' Kevlar web cross-arm strap w/D-Ring and loop
Friction buckle shoulder straps, mating buckle chest and legs straps, belt loops, and side ''D'' rings - universal
Friction buckle shoulder straps, belt loops, and mating buckle chest and legs straps - universal
Friction buckle shoulder straps, and mating buckle chest and leg straps - universal
MAX 6' Kevlar blue lanyard w/ a double pack, Kevlar SofStop & 2 locking snap hooks for use with beam anchor at worker's feet
Worker on a ladder with fall protection safety equipment on
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