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Miller® H500 Harness

The New Generation of Safety Harnesses

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The Honeywell Miller® H500 safety harness synthesizes safety, quality and comfort. Whereas some other harnesses may protect workers from serious injury at the expense of their long-term well-being, the Honeywell Miller® H500 aims beyond compliance to keep workers safe and supported.       Greater freedom of movement • New specially formulated webbing flexes to accommodate movement and body contours for optimum comfort around legs/shoulders• New patented shoulder/back padding design minimizes overhead muscular fatigue (overexertion)• Waist pad with adequate foam density for optimum lumbar support• Lighter-than-ever harnessesMore breathability• New “best-in-class” anatomically and ergonomically designed pressure-relief breathable shoulder/back padding keeps workers drier and cooler• Three times more breathable compared to the next best alternative (less water vapor resistance – RET)*Smart anti-tangle for a hassle-free donning experienceDedicated SRL web link for easy attachment of personal SRLsUser-friendly resettable lanyard keepers (Allows users to attach lanyard when not in use)Clearly identifiable smart impact indicators for hassle-free inspectionOptimized label protection with self-contained and practical Velcro®-label pouchImproved visible stitch pattern for easy inspection Find out more about Honeywell Miller® H500 safety harness:

Miller H500 Harness Industry Standard (IS)

Miller H500 Harness Construction Standard (CS)

Miller H500 Harness Industry Comfort (IC)

Miller H500 Harness Construction Comfort (CC)

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