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Honeywell Miller H100 Harness

Honeywell Miller H100 Harness

Honeywell Miller H100 Harness_1
The H1OO series is a cost effective,quality, construction and general industry compliantharness designed to meet the most common fallprotection needs.H100 HARNESS FEATURES• Honeywell Miller branded: built withour legendary quality and reliability• Lightweight: more comfortable• Covered identification labels: protectslabels during the life of the harness• New distinctive vibrant color webbing• Cost effectiveSpecWebbing 1-3/4 in. PolyesterElastic Keepers ElasticThread PolyesterD-Ring* Gold galvanize Finished alloy steelSteel Buckles* Gold galvanize Finished alloy steelLabel Pack Evoprene, NylonLabel Materials PVC
Comes with Mating Leg Buckles and weighs 2.54 lbs (1.15 kg)
Comes with Tongue leg buckles and weighs 3.22 lbs (1.46 kg)
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