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Rubber Gloves and Sleeves

Rubber Insulating Dipped Sleeves with RFID

Rubber Insulating Dipped Sleeves with RFID

Rubber Insulating Dipped Sleeves with RFID_1
Honeywell Salisbury™ rubber insulating dipped sleeves provide you with extended coverage of the arm, from the cuff of rubber insulating glove to the shoulder. This enhances protection to these areas from accidental contact with energized conductors and equipment. Salisbury dipped sleeves are now available with RFID chip technology and are offered in the same colors as dipped gloves, including two color combinations. Salisbury offers two popular styles of dipped linemen’s sleeves - straight and extra-curved. Both styles are available in solid color or dual color combination, various sizes and voltage classes. Features & Benefits: Connected Worker RFID technology provides you with the ability to easily and efficiently track company assets such as personal protective equipment using Honeywell software solutions. Real-time, accurate safety intelligence to create a safer and more productive enterprise, and achieve: ● Total compliance ● The ideal combination between the right equipment and the right job ● Better connections ● Faster decisions facilitated by thorough data analysis.
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