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RFID Patch

Wireless asset management for your existing natural rubber gloves and sleeves

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RFID Patches. Attach, scan, connect to safety.Honeywell Salisbury RFID Patches allow you to bring the power of wireless asset management to your existing natural rubber gloves and sleeves.As a leader in the PPE and Industrial Safety markets, Honeywell Salisbury™ understands just how critical Asset Compliance is to your job site. Tracking assets and whom they’re assigned to, tracking inspection dates and frequency, tracking assets at a specific site or location - these can all be difficult to monitor and time consuming to keep up to date.Once applied via a simple heat press process, our RFID Patches can be scanned into Honeywell Safety Suite or any asset management tracking software for real-time asset compliance tracking.
  • Digitally tracking an asset is as simple as scanning a patch and creating a profile.
  • Since Honeywell Safety Suite is a cloud-based platform, all your asset compliance data can be managed efficiently, accurately, and safely in real-time from anywhere.
Additionally, our RFID Patches feature a QR code and a printed numerical code, giving you multiple ways to read each patch.Whether you are tracking assets assigned to a specific worker or location, need to share data across the business, or just want to have full visibility on your PPE, information collected in real-time will help you become more efficient and streamline your work.
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