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Plastic Guards & Covers

Post Type Crossarm Guard

Post Type Crossarm Guard

Post Type Crossarm Guard_1
The1371 PostType Crossarm Guard fits Crossarms: 5" x 6" ( 127mm x 152mm ) Crossarm Guards are used to prevent tie wires from contacting crossarms during hot line operations. Two different tie downs are provided: a neoprene and a polypropylene rope. Both are secured in the slots provided in the eye fitting. The post type model has an automatic gap closer which covers the insulator slot opening over the end of the arm. Features & Benefits: ● The guards are made from orange Type I ABS cold weather high impact plastic. These guards have a voltage rating of 36.6 kV*. Crossarm or Post Type Guard, fits Crossarm: 5" x 6", Class 4. ● *guarded Ø to guarded Ø .
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