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Plastic Guards & Covers

Insulating Barrier Sheet

Insulating Barrier Sheet

Insulating Barrier Sheet_1
The 2842 Insulating Barrier Sheet can be used to create barriers in the field. This sheet is made from Type I ABS plastic and can be worked with ordinary hand tools, saws, tin snips and drills. It can also be hot formed using a heat gun. For example, this sheet can be bent at right angles over a table top to produce flanges for joining with other parts. Features & Benefits: ● Pipe adhesive can be used to join to other parts. The rated puncture is 50kV. This sheet is not intended for permanent or semipermanent barrier or insulating applications. It should be used for accidental brush applications. The 2842 barrier material meets the requirements of ASTM F712, 9.1.1 Type 1 Guards. The final application and classification of the barrier/cover is the responsibility of the user. 4’ x 8’ x .125”
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