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Plastic Guards & Covers

Bus Guards

Bus Guards

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1374 Bus Guards are easily interlocked with each other. To interlock units determine the length of bus to be covered. Place one unit on the bus then the other, pulling it over the first cover until the dimples interlock at the required length. This guard has a voltage rating of 36.6 kV*. *guarded Ø to guarded Ø . Features & Benefits: ● Substation Cover-up and barrier equipment is used during routine maintenance where accidental contact may occur. This barrier equipment is often used where outages are difficult to reach and the occurrence of accidental contact is high. These covers may be applied with rubber gloves or hot sticks. These covers are made from Type I orange ABS plastic. This equipment is not intended for permanent or semipermanent barrier or insulating applications. Use these covers to protect against accidental contact only. These covers are not to be left installed for extended periods of time especially when in contact with both a grounded and energized object. ● All guards are tested to ASTM F712 *guarded Ø to guarded Ø . All Bus Guards may be applied with rubber gloves or hot sticks. Contact your local Salisbury representative for Hot Stick purchasing or check out for more information on our line of hot stick products. Use Salisbury Insualting Rubber Blankets as additional or alternative cover-up in situations where Bus Guards may be used. 5.25”x 9.5”x4.5’, Impact Resistant, Class 4.
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