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SI Series of Silicone Insulators

SI Series of Silicone Insulators

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The SI Series of Silicone Insulators features a silicone formulation weathershed material. Salisbury combined the excellent hydrophobic and electrical qualities of silicone with an optimum weathershed design and corrosion resistant fiberglass rod to produce a state-of-theart insulator which meets or exceeds industry requirements. Features & Benefits: ● The insulators were tested in accordance with ANSI C29 and IEC1109. End fittings are hot dipped galvanized high strength carbon steel, providing a 15,000 pound ultimate tensile strength. 100% proof testing ensures trouble-free installation. RUS Accepted. ● 15kV to 35kV Dead End /Suspension, Tongue & Clevis ● Unibody insulators have end fittings sealed with silicone to eliminate any possibility of moisture or contamination from reaching the fiberglass rod.
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