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Insulating Blankets, Line Hose & Covers

Without Eyelets

Without Eyelets

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Salisbury Insulating Blankets without Eyelets are available in Class 2 and Class 4 in two types of material: Type I natural rubber, and Type II SALCOR, which is a highly flexible, corona-resistant polymer with excellent aging and weathering qualities. Salisbury insulating blankets feature a reinforced beaded edge for added strength and tear-resistance. Features & Benefits: ● CONSISTENCY The Salisbury blanket is manufactured from materials that are precisely measured in an automated weighing system to ensure batch-to-batch consistency. ● VALUE: SALCOR® blankets will last longer and provide maximum value and protection. Not all rubber blankets are manufactured equally. Ask for the best, ask for Salisbury’s rubber insulating blankets.
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