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Insulating Blankets, Line Hose & Covers

SU System Pin Type Insulator Covers

SU System Pin Type Insulator Covers

SU System Pin Type Insulator Covers_1
The UH Pin-Type Cover covers insulators up to ANSI standard C29.5 Class 5. The sides are cut to be used on small insulators without resting on the crossarm. When covering a 7” diameter insulator on a double arm construction, the ends of the cover will meet flush on 10.5” pin centers. The LRG SU System Pin-Type Cover (shown here) fits insulators 10.5” (267mm) in diameter and is used with 2.5” (64mm) Class 4 Extended Lip SU System Line Hose. Always use clamp pins to secure the device into position. Pinning rings have been placed on the cover’s arms to prevent separation. Features & Benefits: ● All covers are made from orange SALCOR® and feature RIB-GRIP® Construction. They can be installed with a hot stick or rubber gloves. All covers comply with ASTM D1049 specifications.
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