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Insulating Blankets, Line Hose & Covers

SU System Connectors

SU System Connectors

SU System Connectors_1
SU System Connectors are made from orange SALCOR Type II. RIB-GRIP construction is used to ensure a strong lock to the straight lengths of SU System Line Hose and covers. The UC2 SU System Connector is used to connect Extended Lip Hose to PTHL and LRG Insulator Covers, OR134 Dead End Protectors, and 2” (51mm) and 2.5” (64mm) SU System and Conventional Line Hose. Features & Benefits: ● Manufactured from superior SALCOR® Type II elastomer, it is resistant to the effects of ozone and ultraviolet deterioration. It remains flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. ● Complies with current ASTM D1050 specifications.
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