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Insulating Blankets, Line Hose & Covers

SU System Connector End Line Hose

SU System Connector End Line Hose

SU System Connector End Line Hose_1
Available as Straight Line Hose or with a Connector End for easier connection of line hose and covers. A lifting eye is molded on the connector end for removal with hot sticks. Features & Benefits: ● Manufactured from superior SALCOR® Type II elastomer, it is resistant to the effects of ozone and ultraviolet deterioration. It remains flexible even at sub-zero temperatures. ● Salisbury’s RIB GRIP® construction securely interlocks with its corresponding covers and connectors. Tapered lips facilitate easy starting on the conductors. The contour cut ends accommodate the skirts of pin type insulators and permit the hose to cover the line snug to a saddle or clamp. ● Line hose is also available with the #2323 Shot Gun Eye Assembly. Just add a suffix of “E” to the catalog number to order the #2323 Shot Gun Assembly installed on the hose or order the #2323 separately. SU System Connectors. ● Complies with current ASTM D1050 specifications.
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