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Insulating Blankets, Line Hose & Covers

Roll Blankets

Roll Blankets

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Salisbury has gone to great lengths to protect workers from low voltage electrical hazards, by now offering insulating roll blankets. Salisbury’s insulating Roll Blankets are made from a high strength fabric reinforced Type II rubber in unique colors making it easy to identify and highly visible in the work area. All classes of Roll Blankets are easy to cut, and flexible to -40°F/C. Highly puncture and tear resistant, each class of blanket is also flame (self-extinguishing), oil, and ozone resistant. Features & Benefits: ● The Roll Blankets can be easily custom-cut to fit each application at the job site. This minimizes the number of different low voltage blankets sizes and shapes that would otherwise need to be carries from job to job. Each blanket comes in a convenient 36” wide roll. ● Salisbury’s insulating Type II rubber Roll Blankets and Insulating Aprons, meet ASTM F2320 standards.
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