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Insulating Aprons

Insulating Aprons

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The Insulating Apron includes two Nomex(R) webbed bib straps and two Nomex waist straps with nonmetallic buckles. All the straps are attached with reinforced stitching and Nomex thread. The insulating apron has straps that can be buckled around the back and around the neck which gives wearers a comfortable and supportive fit. The straps are adjustable so that one size will fit most wearers. The apron measures 42” from the top of the bib and has a full width of 30” to wrap around the front of most workers. Use these aprons where there is a possibility of accidental contact with energized equipment or lines. Features & Benefits: ● Salisbury has gone to great lengths to protect workers from low voltage electrical hazards, by now offering insulating aprons. Salisbury’a Insulating Aprons are made from a high strength fabric reinforced Type II rubber in unique colors making it easy to identify and highly visible in the work area. Salisbury’s insulating. ● These products are not intended for purposeful contact with energized equipment. ● Insulating Aprons, meet ASTM F2320 standards.
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