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Insulated Jumpers

Clear Salisbury Sure-lok Jumper Clamp

Clear Salisbury Sure-lok Jumper Clamp

Clear Salisbury Sure-lok Jumper Clamp_1
Loose Jumper clamps not only jeopardize your safety but can also cause fires and power outages. Even when torqued using wrenches or pliers, traditional clamps will eventually loosen from line vibrations and thermal cycling. This clamp tightens with a ratchet action using one hand, with no extra tools for a secure, positive connection. It can’t come loose until you want it to. Pull and turn the locking knob and it loosens like any traditional clamp. Features & Benefits: ● Available in our exclusive SALCOR® material and the industry’s most durable single piece clear plastic jumper clamps. ● Custom built assemblies are available. Contact your local Salisbury Representative for more information Max Amps Continuous: 400; AOL Length ( in ): 11.5.
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