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Transformer Gin Assembly and Tool Frame

Transformer Gin Assembly and Tool Frame

Transformer Gin Assembly and Tool Frame_1
Transformer Gin Assemblies are designed to lift transformers, cross arms and other items used in pole construction. Assembly consists of a pole with ferrules, top fitting, center fitting, base fitting and protective bag for the pole. Has a balanced or *unbalanced safe working load limit of 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kgs), at a minimum of 18” apart. The working load limit (WLL) is the total load on the gin assembly including load to be lifted, pull on fall line and friction. Rope and block assembly not included. Features & Benefits: ● WARNING: TAGGING LOADS WORKING LOAD LIMIT SUBJECT GIN TO SIDE LOADING THAT WILL REDUCE WLL. ● The Tool Frame is a convenient place to hang tools when they are not in use, has swivel eye allowing the frame to rotate. ● The Rope-Snibbing Bracket attaches to the pole and provides a safe place to tie lines or hook blocks when handling loads.
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