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Hot Sticks & Tools

LitFinger™ and LitLink™

LitFinger™ and LitLink™

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Linemen are called to work in the middle of the night and in difficult conditions such as rain, snow, and fog which considerably reduce visibility. It is a struggle to use a spotlight or flashlight to illuminate the top of a 40-foot pole, where critical equipment such as fuses, cutouts, and switches need to be replaced. Truck-mounted spotlights cast shadows across the work area from telephone and cable lines, transformers, and tree limbs. There are many locations where the base of the pole is completely inaccessible by truck. LitFinger and LitLink are specialty lights for use in hot stick operations in dark or unlighted areas. The high intensity LED directs light exactly to the area where it is needed. Power can be restored quicker and without an increased risk to safety when the hassle of working around shadows or making adjustments to other types of light sources is eliminated. LitFinger has a pointed end that can be used for removing ice or debris, a notch for holding a fuse securely, and a hook for hanging it on a pole. The double-ended universal spline connector allows the LitLink to be used with any hot stick tool. Both models feature a large power button for operating the unit without the need to remove rubber gloves. Engineered to be able to withstand the harsh environment of a lineman’s job, LitFinger and LitLink have been tested to withstand heat, cold, and rain. These lightweight, agile tools are essential for nighttime assignments and storm work. LitFinger and LitLink are trademarks of Underwater Kinetics® Features & Benefits: Versatile Use ● Bright one-watt LED to fully illuminate the work area without any shadows ● Extremely lightweight and rugged ● Can be used with or without the light, eliminating the need to ever remove it Reliable and Durable ● Durable aircraft grade aluminum body ● Easy access battery compartment; no tools needed to change the batteries ● Water-resistant case and resistant to flash and electrical fields
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