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Grounding Equipment

Industrial Ground 4-way Ground Sets

Industrial Ground 4-way Ground Sets

Industrial Ground 4-way Ground Sets_1
The Industrial Ground Set consists of three upper ground heads, one lower head, visible trifurcation, six-foot (1.83m) leads to common connections, and a twenty foot lead from common to ground connection. All ground heads (7541B and 7541T) will accept 4”x 4”(10.2 x 10.2 cm) copper or aluminum bus configurations. Features & Benefits: ● Also includes a bag and a tag for installation at the main disconnect point. The 7551 includes a one-foot fiberglass handle (10012BC) for installing upper heads. ● NOTE: 8106C clampstick (not included) must be used to apply 7551GA grounds. Other lengths available. Conductor size is 2/0 copper. Meets ASTM F-855 Grade 3 specifications. Maximum fault duty is 27kA for 15 cycles. ● Lightweight Industrial Ground Sets are designed for smaller conductor size applications. Clamps used include screws with eyes (GA attachments) for use with a clampstick. #2 extra flexible copper ground cable is used throughout. The 75FGT0266 has sixfoot (1.83 m) leads to the common connection and a six-foot lead from the common connection to ground. The 7640244GA uses four-foot (1.22 m) leads throughout. Sets include a bag. Other lengths and configurations are available.
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