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Grounding Equipment

Ground Sets

Ground Sets

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Ground Sets include three upper heads and are easily and safely attached to the line with the fiberglass handles. The ground heads have a maximum opening of 1-3/4” (4.4 cm) and can be applied to angle irons, flat busses as well as on-line wires. A tight, four-point contact is made with the quick adjusting screw. The handles are easily removed when necessary. The lifting fixture provides ease when raising and lowering the set, and eliminates hanging the entire ground set’s weight on the conductor. Other lengths and configurations available. Features & Benefits: ● Parking studs provide a temporary location to attach ground clamps when raising or lowering multiple ground leads. ● Shrink tube for terminal connection strain relief fits #2 through 4/0 terminals and ground cable. ● Standard Ground Set Includes 3 - Upper Heads 1 - Lower Head 1 - Leather, Lace and Lifting Ring 74 - Cable only with 8-foot leads to common connection, and 50’ from common connection to ground connection 3 - 6’6” (1.98 m) Fiberglass Handles 1 - Bag for Handles 1 Bag for Ground Set
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