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Grounding Equipment

Grade 3 Bronze Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps - T

Grade 3 Bronze Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps - T

Grade 3 Bronze Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps - T_1
Grade 2 Bronze Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps - “V” Thread, Serrated Jaw "T" with strain sleeve, and "T" screw Features & Benefits: ● Flat Jaw Grounding Clamps are available with either a large “T” handle or with an eye for clampstick application. The handles and eyes are designed so that the cable will not interfere with the torquing of the clamp. The set screw that secures the clamp to a flat surface is located on the movable jaw on all designs. When tightened, the set screw forces the fixed jaw of the clamp firmly against the flat ensuring a consistent low resistance current path directly through the body of the clamp to the cable connection. With other designs having a set screw on the fixed jaw, current is required to flow through mechanical connections between the movable jaw, the eye screw, and the body of the clamp before passing to the cable connection. ● ASTM Grade/Class: 3/B Serrated Jaw ● Main Line Range: 1.5” - .06”, Flat or Square, 1.26” - .06”, 32mm - 1.5 mm Dia. ● Continuous Current Rating: 300 RMS Amps, 60 Hz
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