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Grounding Equipment

5H Rated Grounding

5H Rated Grounding

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Grounding Equipment designed and tested to meet the requirements of ASTM F855, Table 2 – Ultimate Assembly Rating for High X/R Ratio Applications The building of higher powered substation and transmission systems has resulted in a continuous increase in the power capability of the national electric grid and the need for higher rated grounding components and accessories. The ASTM F855 standard, which outlines the specifications for temporary protective grounding, contains updates to reflect these changing requirements. Honeywell Salisbury™ is committed to providing the highest level of worker safety and offers a broad selection of grounding clamps and accessories that are compliant with the latest standard. The increase in power capability has resulted in the potential for higher available fault currents and higher asymmetry factors, referred to as X/R ratios.Table 2 within the ASTM F855 standard, outlines the test requirements for grounding assemblies to be used with the higher currents and higher X/R ratios that may be encountered in the field. Higher rated components which have been tested to the requirements in Table 2 are identifed with a 5H rating. Proper personal protective grounding has saved many lives. Rely on Honeywell Salisbury™ for the selection of protective equipment that is designed to meet your 5H grounding applications.
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