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Arc Flash PPE

PRO-WEAR Personal Protection Equipment Kits 55-75 cal/cm2

PRO-WEAR Personal Protection Equipment Kits 55-75 cal/cm2

55-75 cal/cm2 HRC 4 Salisbury PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Personal Protection Equipment Kits are available in an ATPV rating of 55 and 75 cal/cm2*. These kits contains an arc flash coat, bib overalls, PRO-HOOD®, hard hat, SKBAG, and safety glasses.. NEW 2-COLOR PRO-WEAR Arc Flash Protection PPE Kits available . Sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 3XL available from stock. Other sizes and orange color available by special order. Features & Benefits: ● These kits meet NFPA 70E Hazard Risk Category 4. ● If You Need it, Request it. Call customer service if you need something not seen here. ● NOTE: Available in orange upon request. Contact your local Salisbury Representative. ● OPTION: Add suffix “-BP” to replace the SKBAG Large Storage Bag with a SKBACKPACK Specialty Reinforced Back Pack. ● Important : NFPA 70E does not have a Hazard Risk Category above 40 cal/cm2. Working on levels above 40 cal/cm2 should be avoided because of the blast hazards caused by arc flash.

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