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Tri Port Bushing Covers

Tri Port Bushing Covers

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SalisburyTri-Port® Bushing Covers are made from Ozone and UV resistant silicone rubber, maximizing the outdoor durability and tracking resistance. These covers have been accepted by Rural Utilities Service (RUS).Bushing Covers protect against wildlife contacts between energized equipment and ground by insulating exposed energized bushing parts. Features & Benefits: ● Tri-Port Bushing Covers interlock with the top weathershed of the bushing and are securely fastened by inserting lock buttons (provided). Bushing Covers can be installed without disconnecting equipment using rubber insulating gloves. Covering a small area of the lead wire, the opening can be trimmed to accommodate larger wires or 5/8” and 3/4” Salisbury Stinger Covers.
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