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SensorRAE 4R+

Compact, waterproof storage and conditioning station for up to six sensors

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For sensors to work in the field, they must be electrically stable. While some sensors, such as for carbon monoxide (CO), can be conditioned and ready in an hour, other sensors, like for ammonia (NH3), take 24 hours or longer to reach stability. When you respond to an emergency, you need all of your options immediately available. The SensorRAE 4R+ keeps up to six sensors warmed up, stored on a bias if necessary, and ready for deployment. Rugged, pocket-sized, and waterproof, the SensorRAE 4R+ is a convenient way to condition, store, and transport sensors. Application: • CBRNE • Clandestine Labs • Confined Space Entry • Decontamination • Emergency Response • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Exploration • Fracking • Hazmat Response • Indoor Air Quality • Leak Detection • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around • Urban Search & Rescue • Venue Protection • Worker Exposure
  • Sub-Category : Accessories
  • Brand : RAE
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