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RDK Host Controller Kit

Rapidly deployable, turn-key wireless controller

RDK Host Controller Kit_17
RDK Host is a turn-key controller for AreaRAE systems. The laptop is preloaded with ProRAE Guardian software and is housed in a military-grade portable case with RAELink modem and antenna. All of the components can be charged inside the case. All assembly and configuration is already done, so simply power on the controller to view real-time data from up to 64 remote monitors. It also includes option for GPS. Features and Benefits: • Portable, turn-key wireless host controller for rapid deployment • ProRAE Guardian software preinstalled • Includes built-in RAELink wireless modem • Weather-, dust-, and shock-proof Application: • CBRNE • Clandestine Labs • Confined Space Entry • Decontamination • Emergency Response • Environmental Cleanups/ Remediation • Fire Overhaul • Leak Detection • Plant Shutdown & Turn-Around • Urban Search & Rescue • Venue Protection
  • Sub-Category : Gas Detection Controllers
  • Brand : Honeywell
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RDK Ruggedized Host Turn-Key Wireless Host Controller Datasheet
1.03 MB
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